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Gorkha Memorial Museum || A tribute to the brave Gorkha soldiers

Gurkha Memorial Museum is a tribute to the brave Gorkha soldiers who joined the Brithish army since 1815 and later the Indian army after the independence of India in 1947. Since then the journey of Gurkha soldiers have passed through two World Wars to current-day disputes and various peace-keeping missions around the world. The Gurkha soldiers renowned for their valor in battlefields have been awarded various gallantry awards till date including the Victoria Cross.

The Gorkha museum commemorates the achievement of the Gorkha soldiers over two centuries. The museum displays videos and pictures of the many campaigns they took part in their regimental life and are brought alive by sound and light effect. The display also includes uniforms, the weapons, items they used and medals they won. Details of the Gurkha Victoria Cross winners with their citations can also be seen.