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Old Town Pokhara || Purano Bazaar

With the inception of tourism, Pokhara has changed considerably, old brick houses gave way to modern buildings and the city has rather lost its old world charm. Today what we can see is the traffic, the chaos and the crowd but still one corner of Pokhara has somehow managed to hold on to its old world remnant. If you wish to get a glimpse of what Pokhara was like in the old days, the old town of Pokhara is the best place to visit. In old Pokhara, one can get a glimpse of what Pokhara was like before modernization. Pokhara's old town is in contrast against its lakeside appearance, the narrow streets lined with red brick houses in Newari architecture and the locals sitting about and talking will make one feel that time has halted.

It is best to explore this part on foot so that you can take your time observing the structural designs and absorb the ancient charm of old Pokhara. Visit the old market place, selling local products, explore the alleyways, and visit the 18th century Bhimsen Temple, dedicated to Newari god of trade and commerce and the Bindhya Basini Temple, dedicated to goddess Durga.