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Taragoan Musuem || Museum in Kathmandu

The Taragoan Museum, located within the premises of Hyatt Regency hotel, is about 10 minutes walk from the Boudhanath Stupa. The Taragoan museum was originally designed by Carl Pruscha, an Austrian architect as hotel village Taragon in the 1970'. The Museum itself is a unique contribution to the architectural history of Nepal .

The museum has collection of old photographs taken from 18th and the 19th century, archeological plans and maps that were drawn by the first foreign advisors visiting Kathmandu. The museum also displays contemporary art, cultural events, and sketches of Kathmandu valley that are done by Nepali and International artists.

The Taragaon Museum aims in conserving and documenting the efforts of various foreign artists, photographers, architects and anthropologists on the Kathmandu Valley.