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Tibetan Settlement Camps || Little Tibet in Pokhara

Pokhara is home to thousands of Tibetan refugees, majority of them live in refugee settlement camps. These camps were originally established in the 1960's to provide temporary settlements to Tibetan refugees but later turned into permanent settlements. There are altogether four Tibetan refugee settlement camps in Pokhara, Tashi Palkhel, Tashiling, Paljoling and Jampaling. If you are interested in learning Tibetan culture, then a visit to one of the refugee settlement camps in Pokhara is the best thing to do.

Tashi Palkhel, the largest settlement is about eight kilometers from Pokhara on the Pokhara Baglung highway. Tashiling is located adjacent to the popular tourist spot Davis falls, Paljorling is located at Prithivi Chowk, the centre of Pokhara and Jampaling is located at about 25kms outside Pokhara. While visiting one of these settlements you might feel that you are in little Tibet as you see prayer flags fluttering in the air, monks chanting prayers in the monasteries. Women working on hand made looms weaving carpets and children running about in the camp school. Men and women sell souvenirs of handmade jewelries, carvings and carpets. Moreover if you happen to visit during the Tibetan Losar annual celebration, you will get to experience the colorful festivities and mask dance performance by the lamas of the monastery.