Some great day excursions from Thimphu

Outside of Thimphu, there are number of interesting sights that you can visit. Some take a day, others take a half a day and sights such as Phajoding may require one night stay there.

Attractions in Day Excursions from Thimphu, around and from Day Excursions from Thimphu

  • Cheri Gompa Monastery It (2850m) was first built in 1620 by Shabdrung and it was here that the central monastic body (Dratsang) was first established. Many of the important priests of Drukpa Kagyu lineage passed periods he

  • Lungchuzekha Goemba One of the best and easy walks around Thimphu is the three-to four-hours round trip from Dochu La to Lungchuzekha Goemba. It affords excellent views of the Bhutan Himalaya and you can return via the s

  • Talakha Goemba The 15thcentury Talakha Goemba (3080m) offers spectacular views of the Bhutan Himalaya and Thimphu valley. It used to be possible to walk here from Simtokha Dzong, but fenced apple orchards along the

  • Tango Goemba Lama Gyalwa Lhanangpa founded the goemba in the 12th century.Driving north up the valley takes 35 mins to Begana. A few kilometers beyond this takes to trail head. The trail to Tango Goemba is a climb

  • Thadranang Goemba A strenuous two-hours uphill hike leads to Thradanang Goemba (3270m). Start at the Yangchenphu High School and climb steeply up the ridge through the blue-pine forest

  • Trashigang Goemba It’s two hours walk from the hillside below Hongtsho to Trashigang Goemba (3200m). This goemba was built in 1786 by the 12th Je Khanpo. It is an important meditation centre, and there are numerous s