It’s two hours walk from the hillside below Hongtsho to Trashigang Goemba (3200m). This goemba was built in 1786 by the 12th Je Khanpo. It is an important meditation centre, and there are numerous small houses for meditation near the goemba. In addition to about 16 monks, there are a few anims (nuns). Inside the lhakhang there are statues of several Je Khenpos who meditated here.

The hike to Trashigang can begin from Dochula via Lungchuzekha or from Hongtsho. If you start the hike -up hill from Hongtsho, then it could take around 2hr till Trashigang. Instead and the best way is to hike from Dochula, visiting Lungchuzekha goenpa along the way. The route from Dochula till Lungchuzekha is described in Lungchuzekha goenpa section. From Lungchuzekha, descend and take the left fork instead of the going back towards Dochula. This very pleasant trail slowly descends through spruce, rhodo, hemlock and juniper forest, iris meadows and blue pine and oak forest all the way toTrashigang goenpa. The first couple of buildings you come across are meditation houses and so you should not visit. Head down to the main part of the settlement. At the temple in the middle of the settlement (with beautiful new murals inside), turn sharply right and leave the village in an northeasterly direction. The trail that continues straight most likely goes to Yusipang. On the other side of the valley below you is Hongtsho and the road to Thimphu. About 15 minutes outside of Trashigang is a good lunch spot overlooking the entire valley. Then follow the trail down to the bridge at the bottom of the valley. From here take the main track up to Hontsho. From Langchuzekha till Hongtsho via Trashigang can take around 1.5 hrs. At Hongtsho, meet your transport.