Hidden valley of Dolpo

The Dolpo region lies to the northwestern part of Nepal, confined by the Dhaulagiri range in the south and east, Mt. Sisne and Kanjiroba in the west and the Tibetan plateau towards the north. The Dolpo valley was opened to tourism only from 1989. Untouched by the outside world these high mountain valleys still remain virgin and unexplored and the people have preserved their age old culture and tradition.

Settlements are generally at altitudes between 3500m to 4000m and the people are of Tibetan descent and follow Tibetan Buddhism. The landscape is totally different, rugged mountain ranges here give way to barren rolling hills, fascinating lakes reflect snow capped peaks, outlying monasteries and villages, deep virgin forests sheltering birds and animals are found only in this region.

Trekking in the remote Dolpo region takes through scenic, hidden valleys and ancient shrines along with fascinating views of the pristine waters of Phoksundo Lake. Encountering yak caravans along the way and interacting with mountain people who live in some of the highest settlements on earth.