The hometown of Shah Kings of Nepal

A 25 kilometers road off the main highway connecting Pokhara and Kathmandu brings you to an ancient town of Gorkha – the hometown of the Shah kings of Nepal and brave Gurkha soldiers. It’s the king Prithvi Narayan Shah of Gorkha who initiated the unification of Nepal about 250 years ago. You can still visit his palace in Gorkha that stands atop a ridge overlooking the town. At Gorkha, you can also enjoy the views of Manaslu and Himalchuli Mountains, and panoramic views of the valleys.

After Fewa Lake, if Pokhara is famous for any other sights, then its the Bindhyavasini Temple. It is the center of religious activity in Pokhara and the surroundings. It is dedicated to Goddess Bhagwati, yet another manifestation of Shakti. The park-like grounds offer a fine picnic area, and on Saturdays and Tuesdays when devotees flock there to offer sacrifices take on a festival local flavor.