The Temple Above the Cloud

Muktinath temple premises beside the main temple of Muktinath devoted to Hindu god Vishnu, you will see the two ponds, which are called Mukti kunda named Laxmi and Saraswoti kunda. Hindu people believe that if they take holy bath in these kunda they will get ultimate salvation. 108 Mukti Dhara (108 waterspouts), which are established beside the Muktinath temple in the shape of cows head. The water from Kaligandaki River continuously flowing through the mouth of the cow’s head shaped waterspouts. Hindu pilgrims who visit the temple take a holy bath in each of these spouts in order to get ultimate salvation. ‘Jawala Mai temple’ which have three eternal flames from the rock fed by the natural gas. You will also see Buddhist Gompa, monastery and Mani walls there.

Muktinath VIDEO