tree of awakening

The Bodhi Tree in Lumbini is located in the premises of the Maya Devi Temple complex right next to the shrine on the banks of the Maya Devi Pond. According to Buddhist tradition, it was under the Bodhi tree that the Buddha sat and gained Enlightenment at Bodh Gaya in Bihar, India. Therefore the Bodhi tree is considered immensely significant in Buddhism. You can often observe Buddhist monks sitting under the tree meditating and chanting spiritual scripts. The tree is an age-old Peepal tree(Ficus Religiosa) clad in colorful prayer flags where locals believe that wishes made while tying a colorful prayer flag are often granted. The entire journey of Buddha's life is often associated with this tree - right from the time he renounce his princely life, became an ascetic, attained enlightenment and taught until his death.