Manjushri Hill

South west of Chagpo Ri, Parma Ri, is a smaller hill, held sacred to bodhisattva of Wisdom, Manjushri or Jampelyang.

Attractions in Parma Ri, around and from Parma Ri

  • Gesar Ling Lhakhang On the summit of Parma Ri is the Gesar Ling lhakhang, a Chinese-style temple built in 1792-3 on behalf of Qianlong emperor to commemorate the defeat of Gokhas. The temple was dedicated to Chinese god

  • Kundeling Temple At the foot of Parma Ri is Kundeling, one of Lhasa’s four former royal temples appointed by fifth Dalai Lama. It was from one of these four temples that the regents of Tibet were appointed.