Textile Tour Bhutan

Textile Tour Bhutan

Art of  Textile Weaving in Bhutan

Although, Bhutan remained secluded from other parts of the world for centuries; the Bhutanese people had advanced in textile art delivering us with authentic designs, colors and creativity. Textiles in Bhutan are considered the premier form of art and a medium for spiritual expression. The knowledge and dexterity required to craft these textiles have been passed down through matriarchal and Buddhist Lama Lineages for countless generations. By using back-strap loom as a primary apparatus, Bhutanese weavers have crafted one of the most highly developed and sophisticated weaving traditions in the history of civilization.

Over the centuries, Bhutanese handlooms have evolved reflecting the nations’ idiosyncratic identity. Experts have also identified that most of the designs and patterns of weave are unique to the country. Bhutanese designs have intricate patterns including the unique Timah brocade, supplementary-warp (kushü), and supplimentary-weft (hor).

Along the way, Bhutanese weavers have explored various innovative methods in their designs, while carefully maintaining the authentic character of the Bhutanese art. Her Majesty the Queen Mother Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuck is actively involved in protecting and promoting Bhutanese textiles. Scholars and collectors from around the world are fascinated with the art of Bhutanese weaving.

Bhutanese textile is more than a colorful fabric with intricate designs. Embedded in the art of Bhutanese textiles are the spiritual significance and the cultural legacy. Intricate designs represent ancient wisdom and knowledge that have become a part of the culture and can be widely seen in all religious, official and social events.

The textiles of Bhutan are truly world treasures and Wind Horse is excited to bring you this magnificent customizable textile tour to Bhutan and see it yourself firsthand!

Customise Textile Tour Bhutan

Customize your textile focused tours to Bhutan. Go beyond the guidebooks into the villages and homes of rural Bhutan for a face-to-face, hands-on experience with weavers, who carry on indigenous traditions that are many centuries old. Tailor a magnificent textile tour for any group size, length of stay and weave in your other interests too! Put together your own group for one-on-one contact with local people. Wind Horse will work with you diligently to provide you with your desired tours along with transportation, accommodation and itineraries to meet your specific needs.

Customizing a textile tour to Bhutan is ideal for individuals, groups, artists, writers, scholars, collectors, photographers, film makers and others who like to feel the texture, enjoy the colors, and learn about the unique Bhutanese textile, while experiencing Bhutan. Get a unique, insider’s glimpse into local Bhutanese life and gain an experience like no other. Exchange ideas, learn from fiber arts masters, explore historic Bhutanese neighborhoods and see fabric collections.

Tours are available all over Bhutan. See the Dzongs, Stupas and Glacier Rivers. Try hiking and trekking. Then visit Tashigang, home of some of the oldest textile weavers in Bhutan, and Bumthang, famous for its Yathra made from sheep wool and natural dye. Go into the homes of the native weavers guided by local textile specialists. Meet and interact with village embroiderers, carpet makers, knitters, weavers, spinners, dyers, and get to know their way of life. Your custom tours will be a diverse travel experience with a knowledgeable native guide, comfortable vehicles, and the flexibility to tailor your trip to your needs.

You can also integrate festival tours and trips to important cultural sites in multiple destinations in Bhutan. See the highlights of traditional Bhutanese textile, crafts, visit public and private collections, have the chance to buy textile pieces, and take part in hands-on textile studios. For accommodations, you can choose to stay at friendly, small hotels or stay at a family home.

In addition to your magnificent experience in Bhutan, you will be making a difference in the weaving society of Bhutan. We believe this customized textile tours will foster and promote an understanding and appreciation of the Textile Arts of the Kingdom of Bhutan. It will also raise awareness about the artistry, creation, and distinctive attributes of Bhutanese Textile Arts to a wider community. We also believe that this exposure will gradually lead opportunities to strengthen sustainable economic opportunities for the local weavers to support their arts and traditions. Furthermore, we believe it will pave its path to provide support for programs and activities to promote scholarly research, conservation, interpretation, and exhibition of Bhutanese textiles.

Customizing your own textile tours will offer you a personalized experience. We can get textile expert Guides in addition to our regular tour Guide who have general experience of textile and other fields.

See it when you can! Like all other ancient arts, Bhutanese textile art could disappear someday. With modernization making its way into the remote places of Bhutan, such art is in its glimpse of disappearance. The rich and unique textile-arts tradition of Bhutan is a must see for all textile enthusiasts.

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