Karma Lama

Leading cultural & trekking trips for over 20 years in Nepal & Sikkim & Darjeeling. Karma Lama claims working as free-lancer guide best suit his temperament – the space liberates him to conduct tour with renewed vigor. He has worked with major travel outfitters in the region and has earned many accolades for his inviolate honesty and undiminished competence.
He is integral part of Wind Horse (Sikkim & Darjeeling portion) and has been leading tour for us with his usual flair and panache. Born, brought up and studied in Darjeeling – tourism’s Mecca in North East India. Started right after his Bachelor degree, he started as culture guide and over the time he added trekking in his repertoire too.

Pasang Wangchu Sherpa

Mountains has its own way to strike bond with individual . For Pasang Wangchu Sherpa, the romance with mountain or Himalayas to be specific started when he was a kid. Growing up in Darjeeling under constant watchful eyes of pious Kanchenjunga and whole gamut of Himalayas ranges, left an indelible imprint that influenced his adolescent. After his graduation in academic  from  Darjeeling college , he renewed his love affair with mountains. He trekked countless times into various ranges in Himalayas such as Sandakphu Trek, Dzongri and Goechela trek, Kanchenjuga Base camp. In 2004, he was part of successful Mt Everest trek expedition in Nepal. Also he has led tour in Kashmir (India) such as Stok Kangri in Ladakh. Its been over 25 years and counting and his love for mountain has hardly diminishes.

Dorji Dema

Dorji Dema was born in Kurtoe region in north eastern Bhutan but for most part, she raised in the capital Thimphu. Wind Horse is her first job. She is quick to observe and meticulous in details. She handles travel reservation in Thimphu office.


Apurav Sharma

Cold climes, majestic peaks, sweeping vista, pristine ambience in mountains can capture imagination of any young minds, Apurav  Sharma is no exception. Although born and brought up in vibrant Delhi but he found refuge for himself far from maddening crowd and in mountains,  which lies not so far from there. A love that  grew with every vacations during his childhood days with family. A progression that can still find expression in his yearly visit to mountains, which he partakes at least once if not twice.

More often, these trait formed during formative years  usually breeds love for travelling. And its this love for travelling he pursued whole heartedly in his later years. To give firm anchorage to his passion, he did his MBA specialising in Tourism. In travel, languages could pose a barrier, to combat it,  he studied Spanish and French as languages, which makes him fluent in 4 different international dialects.

Recently, his best friend has been his bike to give company in his travel. Saddling on it, he covered miles in mountains and plains of India. Among many, a notable one is biking trip in Spiti valley – world highest motor able village. Although, he joined Wind Horse India recently but he is already making a huge difference leading the biking tour with flair and dexterity, if behind the desk then with his travel oriented innovated ideas. If not in both of these places, and if he is letting his hair down then there is hardly any price for guessing – MOUNTAINS.



Mr. Tashi is from the Amdo region of Tibet. Studied Tibetan Buddhism and English literature in Varanasi India from for 5 years. He speaks excellent English and some Hindi, and wonderful Mandarin Chinese.

His passion for the scenery of his homeland has led him to deepen his knowledge of Tibet’s  less traveled paths, particularly in the central and western Tibet (Kailash area), where he traveled and led so many groups toHis patience and detailed oriented personality has earned him a really good judgement from our guests

Rohit Shukla

Rohit Shukla is an eternal seeker and innate traveller. A trait that was plausibly imbibed by his father. In his early days he used to tag along with his father and sometime running  errands to  local weekend market, in a sense, left a big void on his young mind to be filled.  Immersive and interactive setting, undeniably fascinating stories , in more than a way  trigger the passion to know what lies beyond this market and his town.
He was born and brought up in small town -Nashik in Maharastra (India). But his strong sense of adventure and call of unknown took him to places. After passing his Class 12, he set his focus toward India’s capital -Delhi. To give wings to his dreams, he felt apt to give intellectual mooring to it. So, he enrolled for MBA with Adventure as specialisation. Where he learnt to think big and finer point of life in smaller things.
He found Motorbike to take him closer to his passion. Where he can set his own pace, savour the landscapes, bridging gulf with locales through interaction. Since long, he has traverses far and wide on his bike, to name a few , Leh,  Ladakha highways, North East  India and more.

Now he is all geared up as bike team leader for Wind Horse  to give a new dimensions to biking in Bhutan and India.

Yeshi Dorji

Sometime, its the exuberance, spirit, conviction and  no dearth of motivation but importantly an intent to learn and introspect,  these traits can arguably  overwhelm the experience and maturity, in the same league, Yeshi Dorji is one among many young guns, whose sense of inquisition, spirited motivation, zeal to make a difference rub off  to entire team. He walked into this trade at fag end of  2014, right after he completed his graduation and half a dozen months of intensive guide course.

Yeshi Dorji did his schooling in Bhutan and in those early days, tourism left an indelible imprint in his young mind. it didn’t took much time to graduate from mere passion for tourism into his firm conviction. Armed with guiding certificate in 2014, he forayed first as freelancer and worked with top travel company in Bhutan. His second venture was as a in-house guide for Aman Resort Bhutan.

Since last 2 years, he has been associated with Wind Horse and leading tours with flair, dexterity and competence. Rather than me writing about him, check guests’s feedback and insights, which speaks volumes.

Hem Raj Bastola

Hem Raj Bastola is a permanent inhabitant of Pokhara-25.  He has been working as a  tour and trekking guide  since 2010. Formerly he has worked as a guest service agent at the hotel Pokara Grande. He started his career as a Cave guide,  ticket sales man at Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave in Pokhara. So must of his working experience is related to tourism and hospitality industry. Beside his guiding profession, he enjoys reading and writing poetry. His poets have been published in different forums and medias.  When get free time loves to work in the field as well.

Nima Dhondup Bhutia

Nima Dhondup Bhutia is the senior most guide for Darjeeling, Sikkim and Doars Tour. From past political turmoil to changing tourism scenario in the region, he has seen it all from close quarter. His career as guide started from 1980, and going great gun still. His experience along with amicable nature and soft-spokenness brings forth a subtle difference in every tour that he conducts.

He was born and brought up in Tibetan Self-help camp in Darjeeling, when it was still quaint and serene towns unlike now. He still remember fondly the days of yore and growing changes that the time dictates. He graduated from one of prestigious school – Mt Hermon school in 1977. You will still find vestige of old school of English  in his accent.

Dawa Lama

Dawa Lama hails from queen of hills – Darjeeling. He is well versed in cultural aspects but his love for mountains, wilderness of Trek is more profound. For his love for the trek, he treaded many paths less travelled. He feels at peace and at home in mountains and he believes that being in mountain  is being close to his root and to his very existence. To give wings to  his passion, he enlisted in mountaineering course in H.M.I. Darjeeling and disaster management course and completed in flying colours after one and half years .

Following the tradition, he started as a a cultural guide in 2008, simultaneously, he was pursuing his degree course also and completed in 2004. His early education  was in school run by Jesuits father. He grew up watching the sun rises at far horizon of eastern Himalayas from Tiger hill, which still is one of his favorite place.

Dechen Duba

For Dechen Duba, nothing is much more fulfilling than being in tour with guests. He comes a long way from quaint village of Mongar to the capital city of Thimphu. It wasn’t a easy journey, nothing was served on a platter. He earned every bit of rave review  from guests through his hard work and dedication. His favourite line “Hard works beats talent”.

To be part of tourism fraternity was what he desired most, he made a splash headlong after  class 12 by enrolling for Tourism and management course. After its completion, he joined Wind Horse in 2013 and has been leading groups umpteen times.

You may find him in basketball court playing hard, when he is not leading the group.


Rajat Gupta

Rajat Gupta is the gun young at Wind Horse Tours, New Delhi. With his advent there is  infusion of fresh ideas, exuberance and passion , that changing travel scenario demands. He completed his degree course in Tourism Management in 2014.
At Wind Horse Tour, India, he is  setting pace for innovations and fresh perspectives to thrive and to meet new demands. With opening of window for Visa on Arrival for many countries by Indian Government, this has thrown door wide open for travel industries to redesign structural patterns in term of infrastructures and itineraries.

He inherited the passion for the travel business from his father Santosh Gupta. While growing up or still now the travel talks  hogs the limelight at the  dinner table. He alway knew what he wanted or how he wants to shape up his career. Choosing travel management course was a conscious choice to  hone his passion.

Ghanshyam Gupta

Ghanshyam Gupta take care of logistic, specifically of airport assistances and financial bearing of Wind Horse Tours, Delhi. New Delhi, being the capital of India houses one of the biggest and high end airport of the country. Inflow and out of passengers are huge, he keep tracks of all Wind Horse guests and depute guide for the transfer.

Bas Naus

Since his early childhood, every summer Bas visited the European Alps with his parents. Hiking and trekking at first, rock climbing and mountaineering when he was older. Later he started enjoying other mountain activities such as skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking. After completing his studies in Environmental Science, where he specialized in the subject of nature conservation and poverty alleviation in developing countries, he decided to book a plane ticket to Delhi and fulfill a long time childhood dream: see the great mountains of the Himalayas. For about a year he travelled to the remote corners of the Himalaya in India, Nepal and Tibet. During this time he also started studying Tibetan Buddhism.

After returning home he decided to start working as a tourleader in Asia. For 3 years he guided many Dutch trekking groups in Nepal, India and Tibet. During this period he learned that sharing his passion for mountains and Buddhism with other people gave him tremendous satisfaction. In 2008 he started an office job as product manager Asia at the biggest Dutch adventure tour operator in the Netherlands. In the next 7 years he would learn many different aspects of the travel business. During this period he visited Bhutan twice, and instantly fell in love with this Himalayan Kingdom.

In 2016 a new chapter in his career started with the opening of a Wind Horse Tours office in Europe. Here he will engage himself with marketing Bhutan as a amazing destination and with advising customers in order to create itineraries which perfectly suit their wishes and needs. But most of all, he will be able to share his passion for the Himalaya and Bhutan with other people.

Bas lives in Nijmegen (Netherlands) with his wife and two young daughters. His daughters regularly ask him to tell bedtime stories about yaks, tigers and dragons.

Hemant Arya

Hemant Arya says ” There is no half measure in what ever I do. Its either 100% or nothing”. With these thought driven, it has taken him to many different frontiers, sometime prickly but mostly well charted territory. And this is what guests find an outstanding traits in him that make the tours smooth and informative. Since 2008, He has been leading tours in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and north India vindicating his above philosophy.

Since kid, he had a strong liking for this trade, he actually studied to be in travel industry. He did his bachelor degree in Art with History as major. He makes best use of what ever he learnt.

He hails from Delhi and grew up watching Delhi grow up into bigger cities as well. He has fond memories of all the attractions and monuments that he visited with his friends and family.

He loves to read, if not home you can find him in his favourite hang out point at National Library in Delhi.

Shyam Vijay

Being linguist goes a long way in finding expression to a certain beliefs that you hold aloft. Shyam Vijay is one among a very few mortal who speaks almost all north India regional languages along  with fluent Spanish and English. Some beliefs hold long, it hardly becomes vague or blur with time. The love for travelling and passion to share to one and all rang true as a child, and grew mammoth as he grew up.

His fascination for languages was inspired largely with travelling and relocating to different regions in India due to his father’s jobs. Once he came across Spanish tourist speaking the language. He was mesmerised with its sound, articulation and countenance on guest face. He felt like to hear and watch them forever.

Next moments he enrolled for Spanish class and passed out in flying colours. Along with his post graduate degree with major in History in 2008. He was all set to roll.

He started his career as guide as free lancer. Treading upon the path less trodden in the regions in trek of north India Himalayas as well as leading  cultural tours in the region with flair and panache. He joined Wind Horse Tours in 2010. He hails from picturesque town of Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Pema Dhendup

Pema Dhendup is  the one among the few young guns at Wind Horse Tour, Bhutan. He possess an  infectious smile and exuberance that rub off to child and old alike. Unwarily,  he has a mature head on his young shoulder and it is most conspicuous when he is among guests, untying knots of  religion and its intricate iconography with ease and dexterity.
It took him to many different regions in the country to finish his school as his father’s job demanded. This helped to pick up different local dialects of the region. Currently, this stand in good stead for him. In 2011, he completed his Degree in Arts with history as major from Darjeeling, a hill station in India. He knew what he wanted and it was such a easy choice to opt for guide training. He led his first group 2013  at Wind Horse Tours and the rest the guests’ feedbacks and testimonial itself  speak volumes.

He harbours a new found passion for birds, which was ignited when he was doing a tour with bird enthusiast.


Growth in Tourism in Bhutan has also its share of impact on young minds. With tourists freely moving around, the curiosities to know them, talk to them holds ground firmly on young minds . Namgay is one among many youth whose imagination was captured by razzmatazz of tourism.

He has his career goal  cut out, he could have easily opted for some comfortable desk jobs, after passing out in flying colours from prestigious St Joseph college Darjeeling in 2010 but he chose to pursue his dream, he loved to be in field, among the guests, so it was only matter of time to enroll for guiding course.

His first foray into job was in 2013 at Wind Horse Tours and still he is going great guns. Feed Backs from guests that he led are great testimonial to his dedication.

He prodigiously read books that open up new frontiers and interaction with guests coupled with sound command of English takes his outlook towards learning and experiences altogether to different height.

Pema Namgay

From the outset, Pema Namgyal knew what he wanted to do in life. He love to keep things simple. Right after finishing his Class 12 from school in Thimphu in 2004, he joined guiding course to aspire to be a guide. Initially he started as cultural guide but with time, he felt more connected with wilderness, he did course for trek in 2008.

After a fruitful experiences with other companies, he joined Wind Horse Tours in 2010. He has led many treks, and I seriously doubt, if there are any tourist trails that he hasn’t tread upon. One trek that stand out is challenging Snowman Trek, he comes highly recommended for this. In October, 2014 he successfully completed Snowman trek with 4 guests.

Kezang Norbu

Kezang is a graduate from Gedu Business School college in Bhutan, but he was always interested in the Buddhist Philosophy, which made him alter his ambition to being a tour Guide.
He is super polite and Buddhist to the core, because his parents and their parents were all affliliated to a monastery as a Lama etc. He comes from Dramtse region, between Mongaer and Trashigang.

Sonam Tenzin

Sonam Tenzin is versatile. Although his primary job is to driver, he started with Wind Horse Tours as a trekking cook in 2010. He is assigned as a driver cum cook, when he we require camping during cultural and birding tour for individual travels. He is nicknamed as Chagpala.

Sheikh Idris

More often than not, the place influence the minds, and it was no exception for Sheikh Idris, for historical and beautiful Udaipur cast its spells on his mind, body and soul. He says “He has eternal love affair with Udaipur”.

As he grew up in this beautiful city, his affections and passion grew in prominence. His longing to share his passion to others grew in proportion as well. Being a guide sets a perfect platform to vent his desire. He left no stone un-turn to equipped himself to meet challenges that travel industry sometime throws in.

After completing his Bachelor degree in Arts, he let loose himself in defining his passion. He started his career as free lancer in 2000. After working in varied travel companies in varied capacities. He joined Wind Horse Tours India as free lancer in 2007. He leads the tour as guide or Trip leader for the tour in Rajasthan. His passion for this craft coupled and being local hardly leave any rooms for guests to be desired.

Gaurav Goyal

Gaurav Goyal remains stalwarts  of Wind Horse Tours, India since its inception in 2005. Along with company he gained salience. His friend says ” He aged once he started to work “. Like any other works, it was hardly a stroll in park at the start. In initial days, where every little aspects was overwhelming to learn but he weathered  the storm tenaciously and befitting he is in the stage where a rave review from the guests is just like another day in the office.

He grew up in old Delhi locality and did his college from there itself. He is familiar with every nook and corner around Delhi and surrounding regions. This assist in untying knots of intricate history of Delhi and its monuments it harbours in its fold when taking guests on tours.

When not guiding, you can find him in cricket ground  with a Kookaburra cricket ball in hand all geared up to disturb the three timbers that batman passionately guard.

Penjor Lhendup

For over a decade, Penjor Lhendup has been guiding. He is senior guide at Wind Horse Tour. He chose to work as free lancer, for he has to divide his time to pursue his passion as a guide in the process also make a living and to devote time to look after his old parent and his farm land in eastern Bhutan- Mongar.

He comes from modest background  and clearly reflected in his grace, perception and countenance.But the way he conducts while on tours speaks volume for his experience and his forte as a linguistic, for he can easily speak  most of the local dialect that prevail in different districts and this stand in good stead when visiting remote villages and farm houses in different region with the guests.

Pema Loday

Pema is a former tourist trekking cook from Merak Valley in the remote eastern Bhutan. He joined Wind Horse to take care of our Horse Ranch in Tang valley and accompanies riding treks. When on the trek he can cook as well or assist trekking chef. He has received Horse care and riding training from western trainers. And being from the nomadic enclave, Pema has lived with horses and Yaks all his life.

Kinley Tenzin

Former  graduate in arts from Shillong, a hill town in North East India.On a first impression Kinley Tenzin may concede as man of few words. But there is much more than meet the eye.Beneath his exterior he is a power house of informations. He speak english eloquently and once in tour he is altogether a different person. A person filled with driving passion and articulation. He says ” He aspires to transform idea of guests into great experiences” 

He is big time book reader and doesn’t have any genre in particular. He read anything that comes his way. He claim that book have open door to a complete new world. If not reading, then he is mostly seen in his mountain bike traversing rough terrain within the vicinity of Thimphu.


Dawa Tshering

Dawa Tshering ranks  among the gentle souls who provide an impression of a man of few words bordering with shyness. A few lines of conversation with the guests he turn red with blushes. He fit the bills perfectly with his traits of gentleness, humbleness, calmness that require most in order to manoeuvre sinuous roads of Bhutan.

He hails from a remote village in far east village of Tashigang. His journey of life from Tashigang to Thimphu has been as sinuous as roads from there. With elementary education to lean on, he tried his hand and luck on various jobs.

After being a driver and with a handful of experience, he joined Wind Horse Tours in 2007. And he has been driving with great level of dedication.

Yonten Phuntsho

Yonten Phuntsho is one of our senior most guide. And well versed on his business. Initially, he conceded an impression of a man of a few words but I was in for surprise with the knowledge of his job, great sense of humour and congenial personality- simply one cannot judge a book by its cover.  His unwavering focus, dedication, knowledge and passion runs deep for the love of his works. His aptly quote Barbara Kingsolver “I do my best work if I think about what it is I have to offer”.

From the outset, he knew what he wants to do in his life. Right after finishing his Class 12, he enrolled for guide course for culture initially then extended few more month to complete course on Trekking as well in 2008. After doing free lancing for a while, he joined Wind Horse Tours in 2010.

For most Bhutanese, appeals that mountainous terrains throw in for an out door adventures are native. In the case of Yonten, it was no exception. He easily gave in to the temptation of Mountain biking with its advent. He explored and lead tours in his bike but his allegiance is more inclined to off road biking trips that leads to quaint villages. To explore the unknown and love for nature, these attributes  that he cultivated while trekking the alpine highlands and wilderness in remote corner of country was what prompt him to readily agree to embark on audacious Haa to Phuentsholing on mountain bike, overcoming challenges of carrying bike in tough terrains, untamed vegetations and unexplored areas.


Chimi Rinzin

Chimi Rinzin hails from a quaint village in far eastern region of Mongar. And it is adequately reflected on the way he carries himself -soft spoken with gentle demeanour. But when it comes to his driving, he is altogether a different person. He is focused, patience and fiercely guards the driving decorum. He is stickler for cleanliness. Looking for strains or specks of uncleanliness in the vehicle is like proverbial looking for needle in haystack.

He started working for Wind Horse Tours in Thimphu from 2009. And guests always have good words for him for his conducts and driving.

Tak Bhadur Rana

He is known by the nick name Baliman. For Tak Bahadur Rana – versatility is just a another word. For he can drive two wheeler of office, to sedan car to buses of the company.Moreover, he didn’t limit himself to being mere driver, he knows nuts and bolts of mechanical aspects of vehicle as well. For any minor ailment of vehicle, he can fix it readily,

Beside that the most notable aspects that stand out is his forbearance, unswerving concentration once he sits behind the driving handle. He gained lot of kudos from guests for his remarkable level of care driving and instilling a sense of safety on sinuous roads of Bhutan.

After joined Wind Horse Tours, Thimphu in 2008. After a brief stint with other Travel companies in Thimphu.

Yamraj Karki

Some guests remarked ” Travelling around in Bhutan on vehicle on its sinuous roads is itself adventure of sort” For a great trip in Bhutan, a comfortable transport and a good driver is paramount. Yamraj Karki learnt driving at a very young age. In fact his older brother Guddu, who also works in Wind Horse Tours has been instrumental in teaching  this craft.

Right after passing his class 10, he knew pretty well to drive but even though he joined driving school to obtain his licence in 2005. In the same years he joined Wind Horse Tours.

Gudu Mahat Chhetri

Gudu Mahat Chhetri is another person on the list of senior most driver at Wind Horse Tours, Thimphu. His calmness, composed and unwavering focus is his great forte. And he applies these attributes with greater freedom while driving.

He is the older brother of Yamraj, who is also driver at Wind Horse Tours. He started his driving career early, right after passing his class 10 from his village in Tshirang. For him, driving is more of a passion, he could have continued his education to aspire to do white collar job but he opted to diligently enroll for driving school.

He worked in many companies before joining Wind Horse Tours in 2004.

Dorji Nidup

Everyone call Dorji Nidup fondly “Ata” a Bhutanese term for big brother. He is senior driver at Wind Horse Tours, Thimphu. Soft spoken, polite and down to earth. His driving experience is more than a few new young executives at Wind Horse Tours at Thimphu.

He is on wrong side of 40 and as with age comes the experiences, it rub off while driving – patient, well paced, calm and composed on the twists and curvy roads of Bhutan.

Before joining Wind Horse Tours in 2004, he worked for almost 15 year in Bhutan army as a driver.

Yeshi Penjor

One of the guest fondly remarked ” Yeshey Penjor may be short in stature but he walks real tall in term of dedication, knowledge and the way he carries  and does his work” Except perhaps during the nightmare at night, he wear his smile almost all the time. His soft spokenness and demeanour make him most sought after guide for guests travelling with kids. He gel with kids like as any good adhesive and impress the adults with his profound knowledge on subjects and his conduct.
For over 5 years he has been leading guests with panache and authority both culture and trekking. But he jumped gleefully into when he is assigned to do the trek. For his love for lush natural amphitheatre of vegetation and wildlife date back to growing days in far flung village in Mongar ( Eastern Bhutan).
He make up his lack of interest for sport with serious hiking. The best place to find him over weekend or free time  is at camping hotspot within the vicinity of Thimphu.

Tashi Gyeltshen

Tashi Gyeltshen is like any boy next door. He hails from quaint village in Paro. His initialing school was in and around Paro districts. His love for nature was imbibed while growing up in the beautiful Paro valley and stayed strong till date

His passion for studies took him to Shillong, a hill station in North East India to do degree course in management in 2010. After completing, he felt he could contribute and express himself well by being part of Tourism Industry. Subsequently, he completed his guiding course in 2012. He is as well versed in cultural aspects as in trek. He is more than useful, when it comes to understand flora as well as untying  the knot of intricate Buddhists iconography for he did refresher course in 2013.

Well equipped, he joined Wind Horse Tour in October 2013. He has led countless cultural Tours and trek with flair and diligent.

Sonam Pelden

Sonam Palden is smitten by games most notably national sports  of Bhutan- Archery.While growing up in beautiful Ura valley in Bumthang, unlike other kid, he played with traditional traditional bows and arrows. He completed his class 12 from Punakha in 2003. Subsequently he pursued  his passion for five years that took him to  national limelight. But he missed by whisker to qualify for international.

Slightly disheartened, he refocussed with same intensity and passion to make a mark as a travel guide. In 2008, brandishing his guide license and dream in his eyes he joined Wind Horse , the rest as they is history…

One of the guest said, ” If not a travel guide, Sonam could be Buddhist scholar and his command over english concedes to be an Oxford educated”.

There is hardly any prize for guessing for what he does during his free time, 145 m (476 ft) between 2 wooden targets in archery ground still rules his passion with frenzy.

Love for sport is inherent in him, when Wind Horse started specialised tour like mountain Biking, he jumped into bandwagon happily, although he was doing mountain biking before but in bits and pieces, an opportunity was served on platter,  it largely assisted him to hone his skill as well to  live to his sporting adrenaline rushes. Whenever free he does a recce of region lying in Thimphu and  leads the tour across country. The most audacious biking trip till date along with Sonam Loday, Sonam Palden was from Haa to Phuentsholing via narrow trail, through untamed vegetation and uncharted territory.

Sonam Loday

A good sense of humour is the currency that prevail everywhere regardless of the time or circumstances. An asset that that has potential to make  even the ordinary trip into extraordinary. Sonam Loday has this traits in abundance. This is intrinsic and come as naturally as bees to the flower. He wears it in his sleeve in every tours that he conducts and this is one aspects that steal the limelight when we receive the feedbacks from the guests.

He finished his higher secondary school in 2005. Subsequently, he was at loose end trying to find meaning to his life and career, a chance meeting with a group of tourists resurrected his passion for the trade. He did his cultural guide course in 2005 and trekking in 2007. He burn the midnight oils to complete his senior guide course in 2008. He joined Wind Horse Tours in 2009 and has led countless tours with flair and his brand of humour.

Along with great sense of humour, he is well versed on both aspects cultural as well as trek. The Horse riding course refuelled his passion for horses to a new height in 2010. He is the coordinator and manager of Wind Horse Ranch and Riding Club – a low carbon footprint product.

When it comes to giving air to his interests and passion, he has varied propensities, it ranges from being cultural and trek guide to horse manager to his new found passion – mountain biking, his new best friend. On weekend, perhaps he will be one among the many  guys to come across in Thimphu biking zone. And also among the few to volunteer first for audacious  Haa to Phuentsholing Trip.

Binita Thapa

Binita Thapa is lady behind the fact and figure of the company for Sale & Support office, Phuentsholing and USA office. She is a Accountant. To a larger degree, she let us sleep soundly with a feeling that all is well on financial front. Her job doesn’t merely rest as accountant only. Sometime it also include to provide support to booking reservations, when the going get tough specifically during on season. Her versatility come more than handy in smooth functioning of daily affairs in office.

She hails from Jaigoan, bordering with Phuentsholing, Bhutan. She did her initial schooling in Bhutan, after which it took her to many places in India, finally doing her Bachelors of Commerce from Kuersong college in Darjeeling Districts.

Sonam Tshering Bhutia

Sonam Tshering Bhutia is the operation head and look after the office affairs of Wind Horse Tours of Sikkim, Darjeeling and Doars region. Under his supervision, the office was established in 2005  and after 2 years the office was relocated in Gangtok, Sikkim. This also reinforce our core ideal of having local partner. He is a partner and MD of the Sikkim and Darjeeling office.

He is originally from Darjeeling. He is also among those who started as a travel guide in 2007. Naturally, the attraction towards this trade, can largely be contributed  to the place, Darjeeling itself. Hardly anyone can escape from its charms – majestic Mt Kanchenjunga, its colourful history, lush green tea garden imbibed an eternal love  for this trade, and a desire to pass on this love to every one. As a guide he visited every nook and corner of the region and this is what stands in good stead when he takes the guests on tour to this region.

He has his schooling in Darjeeling and later he completed his Bachelor degree with Geography as major. To reaffirm his conviction and desire for travel trade he completed his Master in Tourism  also.

Yonten Jamtsho

Yonten Jamtsho may concede an air of youthful exuberance, footloose and fancy freeness  and laid backness to a larger degree,  however beneath these exteriors lies a hard working, focussed, patient  and a manager whose skills is par excellence. He joined Wind Horse Tours in 2010 in a modest capacity. But he has worked through ranks gradually and now have reached as overall in-charge and manager of operational  works. With his sheer diligent, he has not only earn the respects of staffs and colleagues but also earn the stakes at the company.

He is the guy who springs into action, if vehicle break down midway of tours or need replacement at short notice. Largely his passion for travelling or more specifically seeking adventures can contribute to the way he does his works. He simply loves what he do. In prior to joining Wind Horse Tours and after finishing his college with Bachelor Degree with Sociology as major from Darjeeling, he tried many jobs but finally was at home at  Wind Horse Tours, Thimphu, Bhutan.

You can find him talk endlessly on the subjects that command his passion and enthusiasm specifically about Bhutan and world of travel. To add colours to  his craving for adventures he leads the group, preferably to remote villages, and wilderness of trek that naturally finds natural setting for his new found passion for Photography.

Pema Choden

Following the tradition, Pema Choden joined Wind Horse Tours, Thimphu, Bhutan as a reservation trainee in 2008. Right after passing her 12th standard from Thimphu School. Over the time she quickly learn the trade and along with Nidup Gyelmo, they form a competent duo. They are the pillars through which the reservation of hotels fall into its places.

She harbour passion for reading books, dancing and render unconditional support to the cleanliness drive that the Wind Horse undertake regularly.

Sangay Lham

The territory of accountant as a career was once predominantly ruled by male specifically in Bhutan. Now we find refreshing good to see women  foraying into this territory. Sangay Lhamo is among the new breed. She maintains facts and figures of account of Wind Horse operational Office in Thimphu.
At the end of days, all business boils down to financial aspects that keeps the ball rolling for any company to sustain.Along with other accountant , Maya Giri, they reassure that all is quiet on these front. After completing her school from Punakha, she moved down to south in Phuentsholing for training in financial software programme. After brief sojourn with other company, she joined Wind Horse Tours, Thimphu in 1998.

Karma Jigme

Karma Jigme is the head of the sale operation in Sale and Support office in Phuentsholing. Once the booking is received he springs into action, it is him who works tirelessly to provide accommodation of your choice. Which during season periods is hardly a walk in the park.

He monitors all the sale operation and in tandem with reservation staffs in Thimphu he ensure a smooth transition of the reservation process. He belongs from quaint and serene valley of Haa, which is adequately reflected in his amicable traits.

Before joining Wind Horse Tours, he was working in a firm that involved travelling to remote eastern Bhutan. Largely he is acquainted with region in Bhutan that is less travelled.

His early days and schooling was in Haa, but he studied in other school as well as the nature of his father job entail to relocated every 1 year.

His passion are enclosed in pages of book. He is a voracious reader.


Pankaj Pradhan

Pankaj Pradhan hails from Kuersong in India but his upbringing was in Thimphu. He has seen from close quarter the growing stature of tourism in Bhutan. While kid, he says that he could see a a handful of tourist in Thimphu during festival, but now it has grown substantially . Schooling was natural to him as his mother was a teacher.

He did his school in Thimphu. After trying few hand in business, he finally settled for his inner call – to be in travel trade. He joined Wind Horse Tours in  2011 in sale and support office in Phuentsholing. His works profile speaks versatility as he lend support in marketing, sales, promotion and formulation of new products.

Santosh Gupta

Santosh Gupta hails from one of most colourful, vibrant, idyllic  state of India – Rajasthan. Growing up in such a historical and picturesque state has its share on leaving an indelible imprints on his young minds. He says ” He used to miss school to visit City Palace, Amer Fort, Jai Mahal in Jaipur and its magic still hold on strong”

He carried his childhood passion to a greater height and it influenced in shaping up his career. He joined travel industry in 1992 and due to his sheer diligent he could carved a niche in the company he was working in Delhi and become a CEO.

His friendship with Ugen (CEO Bhutan office then) goes a long ways in prior to establishment of Wind Horse Tours in New Delhi. Both shared the common visions and travel ideal and it was only matter of time to find a platform to expressed their brand of travel philosophies. Finally office was established in 2005. Santosh Gupta is the director and partner and brainchild behind every tour in India.

Anand Thapa

Anand Thapa who hail from Jaigoan – one horse town that border with south west commercial hub, Phuentsholing, Bhutan. He had his schooling in Bhutan. Later he went to Darjeeling to pursue further education. With the lush green tea garden, colonial churches and looming Mt Kanchenjunga captured his imagination, this is how travelling struck him deep.

After his studies, he went to Kathmandu and to different cities in India, making a living doing odds jobs. Finally, he joined Wind Horse tours overlooking the affairs of guests relations, marketing in 2013. Meeting and interaction with guests from different walk of life have fuelled his passion to a new height and claims to be a huge influence as a  learning experience.

Jambay Dorji

Since kid, Jambay Dorji was sold to idea of travelling, growing up  amidst the bountiful nature in Trongsa, left an indelible imprint in his mind. His fascination grew stronger as the time flew. He joined the travel industry, right after his completion of Bachelor degree from Kalimpong college of arts.

Like most of colleague at Wind Horse, he started his career in travel trade as travel guide, he came through ranks, and now he is a Sale Director. Although he completed his training in both – cultural and trekking aspects. But affiliation towards trek is more  strong.

His love for nature is so deep seated that he find himself at peace in the wilderness of trek as well as the passion that he holds so dearly – Birds.He attended birding classes and workshops that gave wings to his passion and given any opportunity, he is either trekking or amidst the vegetation watching birds in action, probably the only way  he know to let his hairs down, after  hard days at work.

As a kid, his head start in schooling was in Trongsa, and went to different school in the country.He was instrumental behind the opening of Sale and Support office in Phuentsholing. Currently he is settled in Thimphu. He looks after the sale as well as lend helping hand in the affairs of operation of the tours in Thimphu.

Rinzin Jamtsho

Rinzin Jamtsho is among the fortunate few who have seen tourism in Bhutan growing in stature from close quarter in term of tourism infra structures, growth in tourists etc. To a fair degree he has been part of the process of the slow and cautious opening of tourism in Bhutan to the outside world.

After finishing his bachelor degree from Bhutan, he joined Bhutan Tourism Board, as a man behind the formulation and  application of Bhutan Tourism policies. Sitting behind the desk was hardly the way he perceived his career to roll out, With passage of time,  his innate sense of adventure was asking more questions than he could find  answers to.

Finally, after serving for 13 years as government officer in Tourism Board in a elite capacity, his intrinsic sense of adventure got better of him. He quit and subsequently met Ugen, whose proposals was congenial to the kind of  work he envisioned. He joined Wind Horse Tours in 2008 as a managing partner. He hold the mantle of Promotion & Marketing of Wind Horse office, Thimphu. This jobs takes him far and wides places, sometime as far as London, Berlin, Moscow to attend trade fairs.

In his career spanning under two decades, it took him to Austria, Singapore for studies and training to polish his deep rooted love for adventures and it cultivated  a fresh perspective for Tourism in Bhutan.

He is instrumental  in materialising the long standing collective vision  of Wind Horse Ranch and Riding club, a low carbon footprint products. He is at helm of affairs and being a good horse rider himself, he is at ease at horse ranch, when he is free.

Kinga Dechen

“Being the traveller ourself first” is what Kinga Dechen advocates and guiding philosophy that define him. This trait and wanderlust in him droves him to many places trying to find expression and meaning to his travel craving . Once he said ” Travelling is the best education”. After passing his class 12 from Bhutan, and to take his disposition of travel further up, he enrolled for guide course conducted by Department of Tourism. After completion in 1995, and during the course of journey as a guide, to hone his skills, he relentlessly pursued further towards the new frontiers of Bangok, Thailand, Salburgs in Austria and Israel for training in the arena of Tourism.For him this open up flood gate of new perspectives towards tourism.

He joined office of Wind Horse Tours, Thimphu, Bhutan in 2008 as a local partner, a fitting tribute to company’s core philosophy. Now, he is man behind every tours that are conducted in Bhutan, in other words he is operational head.

During his formative year in his village, birds piqued his interest and mesmerise him especially by the birds distinct call and sound . He knew the name of birds locally by then, later he joined birding workshop and classes to delve deeper into his passion. Since then he has led countless number of birding tour across every nook and corner of the country.

More often than not, the call of the quaint villages, wilderness of trek is so intense that he set aside his desk works and leads the tour, this is how or the only way he knows to unwind himself from stress of daily life.